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Knit-a-square is a KasCare program.  Join our community of more than 3,000 people from 35 countries around the world, who lovingly knit or crochet 8” squares to make hand-made blankets. These blankets comfort and warm AIDS orphans and abandoned children who live in South Africa.  Join in our monthly challenges and make knitted hats, pullovers and vests too.



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KasCare, February 2011

Statistics. Love them or hate them – and they have long been the province of rogues – they can also be a heap of fun.


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How KasKids™ works | Becoming a KasKids™ school


Students around the world take action on AIDS


Dear educator, parent or student,


Welcome to KasKids™ – a social services and arts and crafts education schools' program under the umbrella of our global charity, KasCare. The program has been developed to respond to the plight of the 1.9 million AIDS orphans and abandoned children of South Africa.


The growing success of KasCare's primary program, knit-a-square, made us understand that while the crisis seemed insurmountable – 500 more children a day become orphans as a result of HIV/AIDS and poverty – there is an army of people around the world desperate to help.


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Knit-a-square is our international online project that asks the world’s knitters and crocheters to make 8”/20cm squares and send them to South Africa to be made into blankets by volunteers. These are then distributed to the orphans and abandoned children in squatter settlements and on the streets.


By the end of January 2011 that army of volunteers, from 40 countries around the world had produced 175,395 knitted squares and 13,065 items of knitted clothing for these impoverished children.


But how can we have an impact on a sustainable scale?

We began to see that the broader solution to the tragedy of the AIDS orphans and abandoned children lay as much with the children of today and into the future, as with adults in the present.


The KasKids™ program aims to provide a sustainable platform for tackling the issue by teaching school children how they can be a force for change.


The core theme of the program is empowerment. Students are energised when they see the physical results of their efforts They are empowered when they learn they are participating in a global awareness-raising campaign that aims to change the orphans’ situation, from the ground up.


How it works